Sandi Wiemers

On behalf of the World Baton Twirling Federation Board of Directors and Execu- tive Committee, I take this opportunity to thank the Svenska Drillförbundet for hosting the XXXIII World Baton Twirling Championships in 2016 in the beautiful city of Helsingborg, Sweden. I look forward to working with Mr. Niclas Persson, Sweden’s Federation President and the board and technical members of this great federation to make the event very special for our world baton twirling community.

Baton Twirling is more than just a sport. It is about life, emotion, passion, and some of the greatest highs and lows one can experience in a sporting activity. We will look forward to the making of wonderful memories, achievements, further athletic progress and the celebration of our worldwide friendships.

WBTF is proud of Sweden’s accomplishments during its short life on the world stage and we hope to see many more of your athletes competing on the interna- tional level soon.
I can’t wait to see what our very accomplished coaches and athletes have in store for us in 2016!

Most sincerely,


Sandi Wiemers WBTF President