Mats Sander

A warm welcome!
Time goes by quickly and next summer you will be in Helsingborg, Sweden and ho- pefully experience the best week in your life. Not only will you meet with other twirling contestants from all over the world, but also with people living in Helsingborg.

We are very grateful for hosting the World Twirling Championships 2016. Not only will you bring pulse and movement to us during the week of your stay but also energy. Thank you!
With our broad variety of activities in Helsingborg combined with an exciting and chal- lenging championship you will certainly always have something to do during your stay. Helsingborg offers free public Wi-Fi in most parts of the city, which will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with family and friends around the world.

It is our goal that you will leave Helsingborg exhausted, inspired and with a big smile, and of course with a feeling of wanting to come back.


Mats Sander
Mayor of the City of Helsingborg